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Welcome to Fire Solutions

Fire solution is a professional organization, conceived & nourished by a team of Competent Technocrats like-minded professionals who share one vision one goal. Hence has developed a deep sense of understanding Clients Objective with matured approach & Error Free operations of systems have resulted in Economically viable solution. Thankfully at Fire Solution What's Committed is what's Delivered.

Fire Solution is committed for providing the most comprehensive and reliable equipment and services to protect lives & properties. Our customers are assured of the best form of design, delivery, installation & services.

Providing Quality Service and Solutions

Complete Fire, Security and Control systems

When you are assessing what you need protection for, if in your home, business, or organisation, everyone has many different reasons, including;

  • Protection of people and property against fire
  • Prevention of crime
  • Prevention of damage to possessions and property
  • Building management control
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Mock Drill
  • Fire Safety Training

You need to know that you are getting the best advice and solution for your fire and security requirements.

Whatever the reason you may be reviewing your fire and security requirements, we at Fire solution India Pvt Ltd would be very happy to extend our knowledge and experience to you in assisting you in finding the solution that's right for your specific requirements.

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Fire Solutions
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Fire Solutions
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Who are we?

Founded over 12 years ago, everyone Fire solution India Pvt Ltd takes pride in delivering great customer service, whether it’s a simple request for an engineer’s visit or a multi-faceted security system design and installation. The same care and attention is extended to all our customers.

We love a variety of challenges from taking over old and poorly serviced domestic alarm systems, to designing multi-site integrated security systems.

Through training, development and recruitment of the right people, we've built a fabulous team that is waiting for your contact.  If you're considering a security system, you've already got a system and need some help to get the most out of it, or you just want to talk to someone knowledgeable about your security concerns. We're here to help.

How can we help you?

You may be looking for a full service offering from design and build to a simple takeover, upgrade and service of an existing system. We're confident with just about every aspect of fire and security systems like CCTV systems, Access Control, Fire Alarms, the list goes on ... but whatever you are looking for , contact us and we shall be happy to help you.

We believe that the after sales service is as important as getting the design and installation right in the first place which is why we place a heavy emphasis on maintenance and monitoring, whether its an all repairing fully comprehensive contract or ad hoc repairs, building a long term relationship based on trust is how we have become one of the most successful and trusted company in our industry.

Our service offering to you is supported by our fully qualified team of technicians. We are prompt, efficient and friendly. Why not give us the opportunity to take away your security concerns and give you peace of mind.