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Access Control System

An access control system is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. An access control system, within the field of physical security, is generally seen as the second layer in the security of a physical structure.

Today's multi-site, access/ID solutions have changed the way security, property and even HR managers look at access control systems. By providing a fully-integrated, centralized, networked access control solution organization accountability is now achievable.

Access control means different things to different Fire Solution's customers. It can cover a spectrum of capabilities including concepts and elements such as:

  • ID cards
  • Proximity cards and tokens
  • Mag-stripe swipe cards
  • Smart cards
  • Keypads
  • Biometrics
  • ANPR
  • Multi-site networking
  • Security doors
  • Centralized management, control and reporting Remote access
  • Time and attendance system

Fire Solution's access control and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys. Fire Solution can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors. Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies - including proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and biometrics - and source from the leading, global names in access control. Fire Solution has a wealth of access control solutions' experience that customers tap into to increase security, reduce risk and even optimize other facets of the performance of their organization.

Fire Solution's approach towards access control design is to provide integrated systems offering cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, giving the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs.

Fire Solution is a foremost system integrator in the area of Access Control System and Time & Attendance System based on RFID and Biometric.

Access Control System performs two primary functions:

  • Access Control System performs two primary functions.
  • Tracks and Logs personnel throughout Facility.

The Access Control forms a security barrier and hence protects the facilities from unauthorized entries. Every individual working in the facility has unique cards hence trespassing is avoided. The Access can be controlled through various mechanisms such as door locks, turnstiles, sliding doors, retractable barriers and swing gates among others, based on the level of security desired. The basic system will have a reader request to exit switch, lock or turnstile or any other barrier, controller to control all these devices and software for generation of various reports.