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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Our primary objective is to supply High Quality Products providing excellent value for money. In many instances the requirement is defined by law as in the case of passenger carrying vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. Industrial / Commercial premises are required to have Fire Extinguishers but the quantity & type depend on the nature of the risk and it is always sensible to obtain specific guidance from the Local Fire Office.

All fires are made up of three elements; heat, oxygen & fuel. Removal of any one or more of these elements will lead to cease the fire. Therefore, some extinguishers cool / remove heat (e.g. Water), others remove oxygen (e.g. Carbon dioxide) and yet others work with a combination of cooling & excluding oxygen (e.g. Foam).

The following matrix will assist in choosing the correct type of Fire Extinguisher or as important, avoiding choosing the wrong one!

Which Portable Fire Extinguisher to use??