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FM 200 Systems

fm-200-2Suppression System

FM 200 systems are filled with HFC227ea (heptaflouropropane) commonly known under the trade names Fm200 and FE-227. It has been universally accepted as the most suitable extinguishant to supersede Halon 1301. It gives superior extinguishing performance, is an environment friendly agent and is safe to use in manned areas. Stopping the fire in these critical first few seconds can save thousands of pounds worth of damage to equipment and consequent loss of production.

Engineered Systems

These systems are individually designed for each customer’s requirement utilizing Fire Solution Approved Design Manual & Hydraulic Calculations Package. Individually tailored to meet exact requirements. Efficient use of extinguishant. Cost effective use of pipework, layout and materials. Effective protection.


  • Rapid fire knockdown within ten seconds
  • Effective on Class A, B and C Fires
  • Minimal oxygen reduction
  • Safe in occupied and unoccupied areas
  • Personnel safety in the event of discharging
  • Low toxicity rating
  • Environmentally safe agent - zero ozone depletion
  • Electrical, pneumatic or manual activation system
  • Clean agent with No particles or oily residues to damage delicate equipment
  • Can be located within risk area
  • Telecommunication Facilities

Special Automatic Suppression Systems