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Surveillance System

Closed Circuit Television is now widely accepted as the 'first line' of defense for personnel and premise security. When cameras are properly targeted, they can deter offenders, reduce the level of crime and increase the feeling of safety in the controlled area.

CCTV solutions, or video surveillance solutions, are now considered to be an integral part of most security systems. Fire Solution provides design, installation, support, monitoring services - and integration - of CCTV solutions, including all key video systems components and concepts:

  • CCTV cameras (including IP, infrared, low-light, pinhole, waterproof, mini, dome)
  • DVR (digital video recorder)
  • NVSR (Network video Server recorder)
  • CCTV towers and columns
  • Video Analytics/Predictive software
  • ANPR systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Fiber optic / Networked / IP transmission
  • Networked CCTV transmission (IP CCTV transmission)
  • Software systems for CCTV control, CCTV Management and CCTV diagnostics